As per Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), women above the age of 50 years are likely to suffer from anxiety almost twice times than a man. Moreover, there are cases where a woman is likely to suffer from co-occurring depression. The senses of fight-flight-fright-annoyance are higher in women. Also such emotions exist for longer time duration in their head when compared to man because of higher levels of estrogen and progesterone in women body. Poor serotonin uptake mechanism in women tends to delay the happiness effect in women therefore after a fight with someone they can’t easily bounce back to their usual condition of calmness.

Anxiety is a big deterring factor in the life of a woman that not only impacts mental peace but also impacts the physical health of the patient. Anxiety gives tension, builds stress, create a headache, changes your behavioral pattern, create acid reflux in the stomach, upsets digestion, makes you short in the breath, faster in the palpitations, stiff in the muscles and exhausted in body & head.

Symptoms of anxiety are not too hard to spot in patients but the major drawback lies in a patient is the acceptance. Even though the patient is aware of his or her mental condition of anxiousness they are not ready to accept the same and don’t take any medication for it. Almost 40 million residents of United States are patient to anxiety. Those suffering from this case have almost twice the risk of developing depression. So, treatment at right time is crucial!

Anxiety and depression are the two terms that are co-related and acts enough to ruin the mental peace in patients. Medicine available for the treatment of this psychic condition is Librium 25mg tablets consisting Generic Chlordiazepoxide recommended by FDA. The strengths in which these capsules are available in the market are 10mg & 25mg.

Medicine Librium has many pharmaceutical properties apart being the best anti-anxiety medicine. It functions by blocking the arousal of EEG signals in brain stem reticular formation to control anxiety. Act potent sedative, an appetite-stimulatory but also possess a weak analgesic effect. Thus when given to patients it pacifies the pain, allows a deep sound sleep and frees the patient from the convulsions of muscles hence gives both psychic & physical wellness to the patient.

Librium 25 mg tablets

Librium available in strengths 10 & 25 mg is given to the patient for about 3-4 times daily to counter the ranges of moderate to chronic levels of anxiety. For the preoperative purpose, Librium in strength 50 to 100mg can be given to the patient to almost an hour prior to surgery followed to 300mg to limit the levels of agitation after the painful process of surgery. Pediatrics & geriatrics need dosage adjustment to 5mg.  

Adverse reactions reported to Librium medicine are nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, tremors & hypotension. Precautionary measures a patient should follow when taking Librium includes:

  • Limiting the amount of alcohol and avoiding the cigarette smoke
  • Don’t perform any mental tasks that might result in hazardous outcomes like motor riding and machinery handling.

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