Worry or stress is that condition that aggravates anxiousness inside your mind. When your mind is stressed with negative thoughts, your power to think declines. Mild anxiety is common among you. When this anxiety overpowers your brain such that you are unable to control your mind, you need to have some solution.

Anxiousness will create so much turmoil in you such that your whole behavior gets changed. You will become a bit aggressive, angry, and stress away. There are some symptoms that may happen such as palpitation, flushing, nervous tension, and mood swings. Casting away anxiety from you is a bit difficult task and requires much effort within yourself. It produces bad results, bad performance at work.

In some patients who have a severe form of anxiety, they go to have suicide. Depends on the severity of anxiety, you should control it at earliest as possible when you notice. LIBRIUM is the best medicine that wards off anxiety disorder and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Librium 25 mg tablets

You must know that Librium 10 MG tablets has Chlordiazepoxide as generic. It is known as benzodiazepine class of drug. This medicine improves a number of neurotransmitters in the brain that induces calmness and peace. It also wards off fear and anxiety prior to surgical procedure.

This medicine adheres up with GABAA receptor thus accelerating GABA mediated chloride influx leading to membrane hyperpolarization. There is a feeling of sedation, hypnosis, and anti-anxiety effect.


To shun mild or moderate anxiety-related disorder - 5 mg or 10 mg, threefold or four times every day

To shun severe anxiety issue - 20-25 mg, threefold or four times every day

To shun anxiety in geriatric patients or in debilitating patients - 5 mg twofold to four times every day

There is need to contraindicate this medicine in some medical conditions such as:

  • Whenever you feel highly sensitive towards this medicine
  • When you have medical issues like severe renal disorder, mental ailment, and narrow-angle glaucoma
  • When you are also using sodium oxybate
  • When you are in pregnancy state
  • When you are breastfeeding your baby

There is need to follow some Precautions such as mentioned below:

  • You must use this drug with extreme care in children.
  • Do not at once stop using it, as withdrawal symptoms might arise.
  • The probability of drowsiness happens when taken along with alcohol so shun drinks.

Some possible aftermaths that happen are as ataxia, drowsiness, confusion, weakness, lack of coordination, light-headedness, drowsiness, and headache. Some serious effects that you may see are as suicidal thoughts, restless muscle movements, agitation, hyperactivity, hallucination, and hostility should be told to your doctor.

You must keep storing it at a place that is away from small children. Place it at the moisture free, heat free, and cool place.


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