We do feel moody, sad, or low but when those conditions remain for long period of time may be months, weeks, or years then you are in the depressed state. Depression does not only mean low moods, it has an adverse affect on your physical and mental health. Depression makes you difficult to manage your daily life.

Some feelings you may observe due to depression are as:

  • Feeling guilty, hopelessness, helpless
  • Feeling sad, anxious, empty
  • Trouble with your concentration
  • Insomnia, memory problem
  • Gaining weight or losing weight
  • Restlessness, irritability, Suicidal attempts

Depression may last for mild to severe or from weeks to months. A person affected with depression may feel all time sad, they do lose interest in daily activities, The cause of depression in not known at all, it may be due to genetic factors, biological environment, and other conditions. Some people have the highest degree of depression such as suicidal attack.

Some people tend to have more risk of getting depressed than others. The risk factors may involve:

  • Childhood trauma, genetic factors
  • Life events like work issues, divorce, financial problems
  • Chronic pain or any head injury

Treating depression involves combined therapy such as medicines, support, and psychotherapy. Do not let depression penetrate deep inside you. Depression will make your life worse and worse. Get rid of yourself from depression with the help of Anti-depressants.

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