Customer Service

Our online pharmacy help in fulfilling all customers requirement and needs. We provide you the best customer care services than any other sites. Our team has efficient workers and pharmacists that are available 24*7. You will rarely get any complaint from our customer care side. We deliver your products speedily without wasting much time. Whatever the delivery date is mentioned on your customer ID, your product will be at your home doors at that time. provides you the efficient platform that makes you able to connect with our team directly. You just have to call on our customer care phone number mentioned on our website. We have an online system where the buyer has to click the required product and generate an order number.

In case of below-mentioned problems, you can reach to us by email, chat, or customer care number:

  • Any change in shipping address
  • Any delivery time-related query
  • If you want to post pone or pre pone your delivery time
  • In case of product related query before or after your order and many more

We advise you to make correct entries during the purchase of your product. We want you to not re sell our products in the market as you will have to face punishment as per legal laws. This is a drug platform where only adults should visit, no children are allowed to order any sort of medicines. You are requested to keep your children away from ordering any sort of medicines.

You can also upload your prescription on our website. Our customer support team will get the medicines written on your prescription delivered at your home steps. We have a company email ID, in case you did not get the exact information from our customer care then email us. You can also make product related information through our website. Our website has a chat option, where you can chat with any of our team member for your queries.