Payments Methods

DiscountMedicineShop Offers you the safe and convenient payment options that can assists you buying your medications smoothly and easily. Our payment is designed in a way that a fast and secure transaction for us and the buyer. Generally, we offer two modes of payments are E-CHECK and western union money transfer. You can choose a preferred payment mode in your account preferences based on your comfort.

We suggest our customers go with E-CHECK mode of payment, as this mode of payment helps you to save your money on your every purchase. We also offer huge discounts to customers who use our E-CHECK mode of payment to pay the amount against their purchase. In case, you not able to pay via E-CHECK, then you may choose western union money transfer to pay the amount to purchase your products.

Once you selected your payment options; you need to fill all the details compulsory in the payment page. Once you click the Pay Now button in the payments page, and the payment is processed through the option you had opted. Once the money is deducted from your account, you will receive an email or SMS telling you about the confirmation of your order.